A collection of my notable successes, in no particular order.

1st place at Startup Weekend Chicago

February 2015 - My team placed second at this hackathon. We built an easy to use invoicing solution for small businesses and freelancers.

2nd place at Cisco IoT Hackathon

October 2014 - At the Cisco Internet of Things Hackathon, my team placed second with a location-based analytics platform for retail businesses.

Scholarship for SF LWT Summit

February 2015 - I received a scholarship to attend the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco that made it possible for me to attend the Summit.

Scholarship for NYC LWT Summit

August 2015 - I received a scholarship to attend the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in New York City. This was the second time I was awarded a scholarship for a LWT Summit.

Launched Fresh U

June 2015 - I successfully deployed a custom content delivery network and CMS for managing Fresh U, an online publication I work with. The site received over 100k visits in the first month.

Spoke on a panel about freelancing

December 2015 - I joined a panel of freelance developers at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago to discuss what it's really like to freelance.

Spoke on my first panel

September 2015 - I was invited to speak at General Assembly on the topic of diversity in tech and what steps can be taken to improve it.

White House LGBTQ Tech Fellow

August 2015 - I was selected to attend an LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit at The White House in D.C. where we discussed and built solutions for struggles that LGBTQ people in technology face.

mRelief Builder launched in private beta

September 2015 - After building a viable product for real-world usage, I helped launch a private beta for mRelief's new Builder product.

mRelief Builder launched to the public

December 2015 - After building and testing mRelief's eligibility screener builder, it left beta and was released for public use.

Mentor at Startup Weekend Chicago

November 2015 - Due to my previous success as a Startup Weekend winner, I was invited to mentor participants in Chicago's Global Startup Battle.

Launched DivList

December 2015 - As a result of working with my White House Fellowship team, DivList, a tool for sharing resources on diverse recruiting, was launched