Various thoughts of mine on a wide-array of tech topics.

A success I wish to forget

Overshadowed by negative & harmful interactions, women are often unable to fully celebrate their technical accomplishments. Here’s my story.

Deploying Rails + Bower on Heroku

Heroku, Bower and Rails don’t always play nice. Here’s how to make them get along.

Coding: Three Important Lessons

With the help of code, I’ve grown tremendously as a person and learned a few important life lessons.

Scraping Medium Posts

I wanted a way to get my latest medium posts onto my personal website. Here is a brief explanation of how I did it.

Why I Learned To Code

Giving access to a tool as powerful as code creates social change and spurs economic mobility

I’m a Software Engineer?

As a woman who happens to code, I may know what a software engineer knows, but I still tell myself that I’m not one. I’m changing that.

What makes code good?

Is it how “clean” it looks in a text editor, what it accomplishes, or something else entirely?

Navigating the complexities of health insurance as a nomadic freelancer

It’s common knowledge that having coverage is important, so why don’t more nomadic freelancers have insurance?

Increasing virality with actionable content analytics

In this post, we’ll look at the whole process, from choosing the right metrics to implementing the actual code.